Misleading video content circulating via social media as artificially produced eggs from India


Various opinions prevail about eggs imported from India and People are afraid of eating imported eggs. While eggs were imported from India and sold through Lanka Sathosa, the eggs which were sold in the market from Rs.60 to Rs.65 have now fallen to Rs. 35.

Recently a video containing artificially produced eggs is being shared on social media platforms.  This video was captioned as ‘Watch this before eating eggs brought from India’

video : https://www.facebook.com/watch/?extid=CL-UNK-UNK-UNK-AN_GK0T-GK1C&mibextid=Nif5oz&v=756676292891875

When FactSeeker queried over the accuracy of content used in the said video, Director- Information of the Consumer Authority, Asela Bandara, confirmed that the content circulating in the said video was completely false.

He said that the imported food items are inspected by the Department of Livestock Production and Health before being released to the market, and the eggs are released to the market following the prescribed procedures.

Indian eggs are imported to Sri Lanka through Sri Lanka State Trading(General) Corporation. When FactSeeker queried the same from its Chairman Asiri Walisundara, he notified that Indian eggs imported to Sri Lanka are exported to more than 80 countries in the world, and after being tested by three laboratories in India, this operation is carried out with the approval of the World Health Organization.

He also informed that chickens in poultry farms in India are also inspected every 15 days.

Walisundara said that he decided to import eggs from India in November last year due to the rapid increase in the price of eggs in the country.

 He also mentioned that since the start of importing eggs in April this year, investigations have been carried out for the last five months and discussions are taking place between the two parties.

Walisundara further informed that about 100 million eggs have been imported to Sri Lanka so far and 300 eggs from a container are cleared from customs only after inspection by the Department of Animal Production and Health and Medical Research Institute, which takes about four days.


Accordingly, FactSeeker verifies that the artificial eggs mentioned in the said video that is being circulated via social media platforms are not Indian eggs imported to Sri Lanka, but these eggs are varieties of toy eggs made in China. FactSeeker also verifies that it was shared on social media on 11 April, 2017.

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