Minuwangoda Brandix InQube to not face any closure

A news story was published on https://srilankamirror.com titled ‘Minuwangoda Brandix InQube to be closed’ dated 11 September 2023, stating that discussions are being made for a temporary closure of the said factory resulting in nearly 1,000 employees losing their jobs.
FactSeeker observed that a similar news story was also published on https://oruvan.com/ about the same issue.
When contacted Brandix InQube factory in Minuwangoda to inquire into the accuracy of these news stories, the official spokesperson of the company clarified that both news stories were false.
He said that there was no discussion in terms of closure at all.
Further clarifying he stated “The Minuwangoda Brandix Factory’s order book is full until March 2024. Therefore, this whole story is completely false. The industry is indeed going through a difficult time and that is a global problem. It is not a Sri Lankan problem at all. But in terms of the Minuwangoda factory, there is no issue,”
When queried about 1000 employees losing their jobs due to the temporary closure, the spokesperson said, “Since there is a big order book, even during weekends the factory is operating. Why would you shut down a factory which is running at such capacity?,”
Therefore, FactSeeker verifies that the news stories published on https://srilankamirror.com and https://oruvan.com/ regarding the temporary closure of Brandix InQube factory in Minuwangoda resulting in nearly 1,000 employees losing their jobs are false.
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