Hatton School’s Tamil section will not be closed – school authorities say


Media reports that the Tamil section of Hatton St. Gabriel’s Girls’ College will be converted into a Sinhala school are false, say school authorities.

Quoting the vice-principal in charge of the Tamil section of Hatton St. Gabriel’s College for Women, media reported that the Tamil section will be completely abolished and converted into a Sinhala school as the students of Hatton St. Gabriel Women’s College are suffering from psychological issues.

When Factseeker asked the vice-principal of that college, Mrs. Mathimalar, she mentioned that Hatton St. Gabriel Girls’ College is a Tamil and Sinhala language school, and as opposed to media reports, the Tamil section of the school has not been Sinhalaised.

“But there is a lack of resources in our school. We have made a request to take the necessary steps for that,” she added.

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