Is this a photo of the ferry crash in Kinniya?


The photograph used for the front page news on 24th November 2021 regarding the ferry crash in Kinniya that took place on November 23, 2021 is a photograph shot in the year 2016.

Tamil newspapers- Thinakural newspaper/ e-paper, Eelanadu newspaper/e-paper
English newspapers- The Island newspaper/e-paper, Daily news paper
Sinahala newspapers- Aruna newspaper, e-paper
Websites- The Island, Sooriyan, Hiru News, Gossip Lanka, Ada Derana, Madawala news, Tamilwin website, JVP news

The news was reported in newspapers as follows:Thinakural 24/11/2021


Eelanadu epaper 24/ 11/2021 – jaffna


The Island paper- 24/11/2021


Daily news- 25/11/2021

Aruna newspaper- 24/11/2021 


Website reports:

The island website – 24/11/2021

Sooriyan- 23/11/2021

Madawala news- 23/11/2021

Tamilwin website- 24/11/2021 23/11/2021

Hiru news- 23/11/2021

Gossip lanka- 23/11/2021

Ada derana Sinhala- 24/11/2021

Social media reports:



Sooriya FM Facebook 

Our technical investigation revealed that the photograph was from an accident that took place on 13th June 2016 where a similar ferry crash happened at a crossing of the Benthara River. Upon further comparison of the natural environment around the Kinniya accident it was confirmed that the photograph was not from the Kinniya incident.

Lankadeepa news website

According to the Lankadeepa website, the photo was taken by Mr. Bandu Thambavita in 2016. The Horawala bridge ferry carrying passengers across the Benthara river had fallen into the river drowning a lorry loaded with 30 bags of cement, a three-wheeler, a motorbike and a bicycle.

Six people, including the ferry operator were aboard. The report also states that the crew of the bridge ferry saved lives of the people involved in the crash.

Therefore, the photo used by the Thinakkural e-paper, Eelanadu e-paper, The Island website, The Island newspaper, Daily News and Sooriya FM Facebook page is a photo from the accident that took place on 13, June 2016 on the Benthara river.

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