Fake message stating that the Bank of Ceylon holds a competition called “Foundation Grants bonus”


A message is in circulation on Whatsapp about a competition called “Foundation Grants bonus” organized by the Bank of Ceylon.

The link in the message directs to a screen with several questions and upon completion, nine gift boxes are displayed on the screen for users to select gift boxes randomly.

If a box containing a gift is selected the said message is requested to be shared via WhatsApp or Messenger with up to 5 groups of friends or up to 20 friends including submitting personal information to complete the registration in order to receive the winning prize.

In our technical examination to verify the above message, we came across the statement issued by the official Facebook page of Bank of Ceylon reading;

“We would like to inform our loyal customers that Bank of Ceylon will not conduct any such competition or raffle and do not be deceived by such fraudulent activities! “

Source – https://www.facebook.com/952516204823722/posts/6483450685063552/

Therefore, the Bank of Ceylon has confirmed that the message in circulation about a competition called “Foundation Grants bonus” is a fake message.

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