Are the rumors circulating under the headline “Appointment of P.S.M Charles as a member of the One Country One Law Task Force” true?


The news about the former Governor, Northern Province Mrs. P.S.M. Charles to be appointed as a member of the “One Nation One Law” Task Force is circulating on several news websites and YouTube channels.
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President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has set up a 13-member task force to prepare a draft report on law enforcement titled ‘One Nation One Law’. So far 09 Sinhalese and 04 Muslims have been included in this 13 member committee.

Galagodaththe Gnanasara Thero (Leader)
Professor Dayananda Bandara
Prof. Chandinandana Wijesinghe
Prof. Sumedha Siriwardena

N. G. Sujeewa Panditaratne
Attorney Iresh Seneviratne
Attorney Sanjaya Marambe
Erantha Navaratne
Pani Wewala
Moulavi Mohammad (Galle Ulema Council)
Lecturer Mohamed Indikab
Khalilur Rahman
Aziz Nisardeen has been appointed as a member.

The appointment of Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thero, the secretary of the BBS, as the committee leader, and the lack of of Tamil members, as well as female representation has attracted a lot of controversy.

While many parties have pointed this out, the Bar Association of Sri Lanka has sent an official letter to President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa on 02.11.2021 pointing these out as well.
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Speaking at a press conference held at the Presidential Media Unit on Monday (01.11.2021), Gnanasara Thero, Chairman of the Task force, said that the appointment of members of the Task force would be considered in the near future.
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Fact investigation conducted to discover the veracity of these messages it was found that there were no official reports about P.S.M Charles to be appointed as a member of the “One Country, One Law” Task Force.

When contacted Mrs. P.S.M. Charles, she said that she had not received any official notice regarding the “One Country One Law” task force.

In addition, when the Presidential Media Unit inquired about the veracity of the news, it was informed that no such official news have been released so far.

The rumor in circulation stating that the Former Governor of the Northern Province Mrs. P.S.M. Charles would be appointed as a member of the “One Country, One Law” Task Force has not yet been officially announced and it was confirmed by Mrs. Charles and the Presidential Media Unit.

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