Fake news circulating that Canada has issued a visa lottery application for the year 2021/2022


“Canadian Visa Lottery Online Application Registration 2021/2022, the fastest way to live, study and work in Canada for all foreigners who prefer immigrating legally.

The Resident Card Lottery Program, also known as the Visa Lottery Program, is an opportunity for 45,000 people worldwide to become permanent and legal residents of Canada. Interested candidates should visit the online registration link. Winners will be selected randomly and registration is free. “ A message stating the above is circulating on social media.


When inquired about the authenticity of the above message, the Canadian High Commission declared that the information in the message was false and that Canada is not launching a new immigration lottery.

Moreover, they stated that many such fraudulent messages are circulating on the Internet and that fraudsters try to appear as U.S. or Canadian lawyers, companies, and government officials.

Accordingly, the Canadian High Commission has confirmed that the message with the link stating that the Canadian Visa Lottery Online Application Form 2021/2022 has commenced registration is a fake message.

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