Did the President’s media division issue a statement saying increasing the price of buns is a step to boost local economy?


News in circulation

A post is circulated on social media stating that the following notice was issued by the President’s media division;

“Raising the price of buns is a step taken to boost the economy of Sri Lanka”. The notice was displayed as if it was from a newspaper extract.

Further, so many other posts with sarcastic comments against the President were seen circulating along with this post.

Reducing the prices of bakery goods

On 19th August 2021, many news websites published articles regarding raising the prices of bakery products mentioning that the Sri Lanka bakery Owners Association had concerns about the increase of prices of all ingredients that they could not bear any longer. Starting 23rd August, the bakers reflected the increase in costs in their bakery products. Although they had been complaining of the hike in ingredients for some time, no proper solution has been introduced amid the public health crisis, the foreign exchange shortage, and an ailing economy.

Therefore, the price of a loaf of bread was increased by Rs. 05/-, buns, rolls etc., by Rs. 10/-, and 01 kg of cake increased by Rs. 100/-.


EconomyNext- https://economynext.com/sri-lanka-bakery-owners-to-increase-price-of-baked-goods-to-reflect-rising-costs-85224/

News First – https://www.newsfirst.lk/2021/08/19/prices-of-bakery-items-to-increase-from-monday-23-bread-prices-up-by-rs-05/

Fact checked news

We investigated whether this statement was issued by the President’s Media Division, and upon clarification learnt that they never provided a statement as such. Moreover, it was not published in any of the other mainstream media.

We were able to discover that the above post was edited using an article published in the ‘Lankadeepa’ newspaper on 14th June 2021 regarding a statement issued by the Presidential Media Division about fuel price.


The above post stating that the Presidential Media Division issued a statement about the government decision to increase the price of buns to boost the economy is fake. The article in the post has been edited from a former news item published in ‘Lankadeepa’ newspaper.

100 fake

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