Fake news that the BTS team was killed in a plane crash


Circulating news

A news item titled “BTS team that drove the whole world crazy was killed in a plane crash” is circulating on social media.
Source – https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=287704696512584&set=a.100825635200492&type=3

According to further details, the news circulated on social media with a photo of a plane crash, which appeared to be a news item on “Esana” breaking news service.

Plane crash

Our investigation into the above news item revealed that the crashed aircraft in the photo was a private jet. We were also able to discover that the particular plane had crashed on 22nd May 2018 in Central America.

The crew and passengers had also survived the crash and no one was dead.

Source – https://people.com/home/watch-all-passengers-miraculously-survive-after-private-plane-snaps-in-half/

Watch more– TODAY Twitter – https://cutt.ly/dRcUtqO

BTS team

The BTS band of seven members is a very popular Korean K-Pop band and from our technical investigation, it was confirmed that there were no reports of a plane crash they ever faced.


Stuff – https://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/travel-troubles/104138135/private-jet-from-texas-crashes-in-honduras-all-survive

The Telegrapgh – https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/05/23/private-jet-splits-half-crashes-skidding-runway-honduras/

People – https://people.com/home/watch-all-passengers-miraculously-survive-after-private-plane-snaps-in-half/


Therefore, the news stating that the BTS team was killed in a plane crash is fake. The photograph of the plane crash in the news was from 22nd May 2018 where no deaths were reported from the accident.





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