Fake message that WhatsApp users will get 12 GB free data



“12 GB free data for all users on the celebration of 12th anniversary of WhatsApp. This is the WhatsApp anniversary data offer algorithm which is designed by me, I am agent Sahan Themiya 071 #######.
Send this to 3 groups and 3 friends. Free 12 GB data will be added for any network.” is circulating through WhatsApp.

In order to confirm the veracity of the above news, we contacted the telephone number mentioned above and the owner of the contact number said that they did not know anything about the message.

They would lodge a complaint to CERT and the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRCSL).

The Sri Lanka CERT Media Unit commented on these messages circulating through WhatsApp stating “Some people create fake messages to collect personal data. Others create fake messages to personally shame persons. It appears that the above message is created to shame someone.”

Accordingly, it is confirmed that this message circulating on WhatsApp is fake and the relevant party is inconvenienced by the message.


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