A series of misleading photographs suggesting that Ravana Falls is activated due to torrential rains.



A series of photographs under the headline “Ravana Falls suddenly became fierce” was published on the Gossip Lanka News website on 1st October 2021.

News with the particular headline ;

“With the torrential downpour, the waterfalls that had hitherto been quiet have been reactivated. These photos show the Ravana Falls under the effect.”

Gossip Lanka News  |  Archive 

According to the technical inspection conducted by FactSeeker, it was revealed that the photographs were shot by Mr. Prasanna Pathmasiri in 2020.

The Daily Mirror website has published an article on 6th November 2020 using these photos under the headline “The colour of Ravana Falls has changed”

Therefore, the photos on the Gossip Lanka News website suggesting that the Ravana Falls “reactivate” due to the recent rains are a series of photographs from last year.


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