Can the police be contacted by entering the ATM pin backwards during an emergency?


“If you ever face a situation where you are threatened to enter your password while at an ATM, enter your pin number backwards, For instance,

(*) If your password is 1234, enter 4321 instead.

This enables only half of the amount requested to be released and an automated phone call is sent to the nearest police station.

*Almost all banks in Sri Lanka have this facility.
Inform your friends.”

A post stating the above is circulating on social media.

Our investigation into the news revealed that this note had been in circulation since 20th November 2013.

Relevant Source Link

Moreover, the post carries the Sri Lanka Police logo suggesting that it was shared on their official Facebook Page, but it was never posted on the official Facebook page of the Sri Lanka Police.

Sri Lanka Police Media Spokesman Mr. Nihal Thalduwa was contacted in this regard and he stated that this was fake.

He further stated that a technical link has not yet been established to enable such an automated telephone call to the nearest police stations.

Hence, when someone is threatening to enter your password while transferring money from an ATM, the note stating that the nearest police station will automatically notified via a phone call by entering the pin number backwards is fake.

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