A satirical distortion of a banner regarding a discussion program where Bimal Ratnayake took part


A banner has been released on social media on the ‘Syulanka FB’ page on September 11 with the sarcastic headline on import restrictions imposed on undergarments implying that the program was organized by Bimal Ratnayake.

Fact-checking of this post revealed that the post on Bimal Ratnayake’s official Facebook page had been removed from the original post with the caption reading “What is happening in Afghanistan?”.

As IS mentioned in the post, the JVP National Organizer, Bimal Ratnayake, has participated in this program and it was conducted by the journalist ‘Sakeef Sham’.

The program was held on Sunday, August 22, and was broadcasted on the official Facebook page “Syulanka-Socialist Youth Union” (Syulanka-සමාජවාදී තරුණ සංගමය-சோஷலிச இளைஞர் சங்கம்).

Therefore, it is confirmed that the post is fake, and has been edited with a satirical headline distorting the original title of a banner regarding a program titled “What is happening in Afghanistan?”.


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