A misleading version of a video from Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa’s visit to Italy


Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa left for Italy on September 10th to attend an international conference to be held at the University of Bologna on September 12.

A video of the Prime Minister leaving a hotel in Bologna amid the uproar of Italians is circulating on social media, with a caption reading “The Italian hoot undressed the King.”

The technical investigation to clarify the above news revealed that the hooting noise in the video had been edited and inserted with a caption and that the crowds had not made such a noise.

Therefore, the “hooting” sound in the video is an excerpt from the video published on “News-i” YouTube channel about the ceremony of swearing in of the current President in 2019 with the video title, “UNP strongmen to Ruwanweli Seya amidst hooting.”

The news channel ‘Ada Derana’ telecasted the relevant video on 06.55 news broadcast on 2021.09.13;

The Prime Minister leaving a hotel in Bologna amidst a crowd hooting is an edited video from a “News-i” YouTube in 2019 titled “UNP strongmen to Ruwanweli Seya amidst hooting.”

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