The images of an unusual creature resembling a human-pig combination is a silicone baby sculpture

In the last few days, posts have been circulating on social media, with a collection of photographs and videos taken at the birth of a pig, an unusual baby animal that resembles both man and pig. The post reads, “Residents of Muranga are shocked after a pig delivered a creature that resembles a human being. Yesterday morning, Kamau heard a commotion in the pig’s house and when he went to check what was going on, he found out the pig was giving birth. He helped it deliver successfully but was shocked that the young resembled a baby boy.”
Apart from these, there were similar posts that circulated since years back, by different social media users on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well;
Facebook Links:  
Twitter Link:  


YouTube Links:  
Technical investigation done on these images using ‘Google Reverse Image’ indicated that all these posts claimed that this creature is a live human-pig hybrid.
Further investigations into this story revealed that this is a creative artwork done by an Italian female sculptor “Laira Maganuco on 25th July 2018. She has mentioned that her original Facebook post of this artwork has been hidden due to some mis/disinformation reported from around the world. She has also mentioned that this baby hybrid creature has been made from silicone. 
She has promoted this artwork on her official Instagram page as well;
Besides, she has an official website promoting her sculpture and artwork named “Laira Maganuco Art Gallery” which has the images of the human-pig hybrid baby creature.
Official Facebook Page
Official Instagram Page
In addition, a number of media outlets have fact-checked on this story and have tried to debunk hoaxes;
The Indian Express 
Africa Check   
Unknown facts Tamil
The Quint 
Therefore, the series of photographs circulating on social media showing that the world’s first unusual creature of a human-pig combination is not real, but a sculpture by an Italian sculptor, Laira Maganuco, in 2018.

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