Fake news stating that those engaged in the teachers’ struggle have been infected with Covid-19 and died

“Miss.Kaushalya Pathirana, teacher at Wijeriya Sumana Maha Vidyalaya, may you rest in peace!”
The news is based on a photo of a woman employed at an Ayurvedic massage center in Trincomalee.

Ayurvedic Massage Centre in Trincomalee

“Miss.Rupa Seneviratne, a teacher at Dumhindalugama Vidyalaya passed away due to Corona”
The above post carries a photo of Syeda Roxana, a sociologist from India who participated in a YouTube program called “Primark” on 16.01.2014.
“Miss. Kalpani Mayadunna, a teacher at Moragasmulla Vidyalaya has passed away due to corona infection.”

The background of this photo is that it is a photo of Sangamitta Balika Vidyalaya, Galle, and the image of the woman shown here is shared on social media by inserting the photo of a deceased teacher from the school. 

Sangamitta Balika Vidyalaya – Galle
“Dear teacher Ashani Shavindrika, who was first appointed as the Music Teacher of the Karandadeniya Primary School, may you rest in peace.”
The photo in this post is from a Facebook account “Kerala beauties” posted on 23.01.2016.

Kerala beauties
 “ ‘We don’t even need five cents. Bring me my mother’, the daughter of a teacher who participated in the protest and died infecting COVID, cries on an online call”
The post above is created using a photo of a woman in an article edited from the website “Mail online” on 01.12.2015.
Mail online
It was observed that a series of such posts were circulating on social media for several weeks.
Our technical follow-up on these posts revealed that in addition to the few posts mentioned above, many other similar posts were shared on social media.
The photos used for these posts are taken from the internet and are related to old events and incidents and not from Sri Lanka but from Kerala, India.
Therefore these posts that are already in circulation are not based on facts and are misleading.

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