The photo published in the “Tamil Mirror” titled, “Vaccine for Dhammika, who made Dhammika Peniya”, is fake


A photo published on the front page of the “Tamil Mirror” e-paper yesterday (10.08.2021) titled, “Vaccine for Dhammika, who made Dhammika Peniya”, indicates as Mr. Dhammika Bandara is getting the vaccine.

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This photo was originally published on 09.08.2021, at 11:20 a.m. on the news website of the “Tamil Mirror” posted with the same headline.

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This message is in circulation on social media platforms, including Facebook, and some other news websites with the same photo. , ,

A technical study of the image confirmed that Dhammika Bandara’s photograph has been altered using the original photo which was published on 15.12.2020, on the “” ( website, which is the official website of the Military Health system in the United States. The original news was titled “Frontline health care workers among first in DOD for COVID-19 vaccine”.

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The altered photograph of Dhammika Bandara’s image is published in the e-paper and the news website “Tamil Mirror” that was also published on the YouTube channel “Truth with Chamuditha” on 30.11.2020 on the time slot of 07:58 minutes on the video.

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Therefore, the photograph used in the news item published in both the “Tamil Mirror” e-paper and news website are confirmed as fake.

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