What is the place Sri Lanka gained in the world by giving Covid-19 vaccine?


Posts shared  on Facebook reading “Is there anything else needed to prove that Sir has failed?” 

We are in the state of Australia when it comes to vaccination.While Australia gives 50,000 COVID doses per day, we were only able to roll out  400,000 doses here in  Sri Lanka”

“Not only Sir, this whole Sinhala government is failed” Furthermore, an image of a graph is added to the post mentioning that “Sri Lanka surpassed Australia and World Average in Vaccination drive”  indicating the population rate of those who received at least the first dose of a vaccine.

Another post is shared on Facebook stating that “Sri Lanka is ranked third in administering COVID vaccinations. Well done Mr. President..!”

The post has mentioned that 400,000 doses have been rolled out in Sri Lanka. However, upon checking the records of the Epidemiological unit it was revealed that only 320,272 doses have been given as of  25th of July. (Source- https://cutt.ly/JQoXYFI)

In order to fact check the veracity of these posts we referred to the data in the graph with that of the website https://ourworldindata.org/. This website records the total number of vaccinations, including partial and dual vaccination processes in detail. The chart displays the rolling 7-day average per 100 people in the total population and it is  the data given until 27th of July, 2021 shows that Ecuador has the maximum rate of COVID-19 vaccination until 25th of July. Sri Lanka has surpassed Australia in terms of giving vaccines per 100 persons. 

Sri Lanka has begun the vaccination process since January, however there are other countries that  have started the vaccination process before Sri Lanka. (Source – https://cutt.ly/ZQoXvK2

In comparing the vaccination process of Sri Lanka with other countries with the same population as Sri Lanka, the following information was revealed. . The chart below displays vaccination data of countries with the same population rate as Sri Lanka. According to https://cutt.ly/7QoXg7J,  the population of Sri Lanka is 21,413,249 in 2021. 

(Source- https://cutt.ly/fQoXqwA)

Sri Lanka is  not among the top countries in the world with the highest number of vaccinated people, but Sri Lanka was among the countries with the second highest number of vaccinated population in the rolling 7-day average per 100 people in the total population. on 25th of July. The United Arab Emirates ranks first among the highest rate of the vaccinated population with . 68% of the population are fully vaccinated, while 9.3% were partially vaccinated against Coronavirus. 

(Source – https://cutt.ly/AQoZHQb)

(Source – https://cutt.ly/YQoZIzb)

Therefore, according to the report, Sri Lanka has the second highest rate of the rolling 7-day average per 100 people in the total population as of July 25, and does not rank first among the countries with the highest percentage of vaccinated population. Since Sri Lanka has obtained a variety of vaccines such as Covishield, Sinopharm, Sputnik-V, Pfizer, and Moderna, the amount of vaccines rolled out are high but the Facebook posts in circulation remain misleading.

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