False news as a statement made by Joseph Starlin


A statement made by the Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers Union Joseph Starlin is circulating on social media as news telecasted on Hiru TV reading, “There is money to import the vaccine but no money to raise teachers’ salaries”.

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Our inquiry into the news revealed that no such statement was made during the recent protests in which Joseph Starlin was involved. No such news was aired on the Hiru TV channel either.

The image is from video footage of a protest that took place on June 16, 2020. The protest was organized by a number of trade unions and mass organizations demanding the right to rally and protest. As of June 16, 2020, no such video had been cast on Hiru TV and it was confirmed that the video was posted by the Frontline Socialist Party on their Facebook page. The news has been forged with the use of Hiru TV’s official logo.

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When we inquired about this, Joseph Starlin said that these pictures were taken during a protest held a year ago. He further mentioned that he never made such a statement.

Thus, Joseph Starlin’s statement reading, “There is money to import the vaccine but no money to raise the teachers’ pay” that appears to have been aired on the news broadcast of Hiru TV is confirmed as fake.



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