A fake post circulating on social media as a post published by the JVP


Stop drama! Make Ranil Wickramasinghe Leader of the Opposition!”

“Stop drama! Raise the oil price that was raised after a year and a half daily as per Mangala’s price formula

Stop drama! Get to the toilet”



Many posts like this are circulating on social media, including on Facebook which appears to have been created by the JVP.

The technical investigation into the post revealed that the posts from the JVP official Facebook Page published on 14th June 2021 reading, “Stop drama! Reduce the increasing of fuel prices immediately.” The actual post has been edited and released on social media distorting the content.


When inquired about this, Mr. Upul Ranjan, the Media Coordinator of the JVP said that several fake posts are circulating on social media and the JVP did not create any such posts and the real posts could be viewed by visiting the link below.

Source – https://www.facebook.com/574466252642666/posts/4080856965336893/

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