Fake message that phones, TVs, and smartwatches are offered from Dialog


    A message circulates on social media stating that Dialog is giving away free phones, TVs, smartwatches and cash prizes to 500 customers in celebration of its 30th anniversary. (Click here to open the link)

    The message carries 4 questions.

    Upon answering, users will be allowed to open 3 of the 9 gift boxes that appear on the screen and get to select 3 gift boxes. Upon selecting the correct box, they will have to share the message via Whatsapp or Messenger among 5 group chats or up to 20 individual friends and enter personal information to complete registration in order to receive the winning prize.

    Investigations into this message revealed that Dialog did not launch a competition as such on its official website. The web address mentioned in the message does not have a direct connection to Dialog either.

    When inquired by the Dialog about the message, Dialog’s media unit said that they had nothing to do with the message and informed the public to refrain from giving out their personal information.

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