Fake news about Tilvin Silva in circulation


A newspaper article with the JVP Secretary Tilvin Silva’s statement to the ‘Lanka’ newspaper is shared on social media. The title of the news reads, “Release Hijaz Hezbollah, Ibrahim’s lawyer who was arrested on terrorism charges, and secure GSP+. Tilvin requests the government”.

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Source – https://bit.ly/3iKxkej

When inquired about the above news by Padma Manjula, the editor of ‘Lanka’ newspaper, he said that an article as such was not published in their newspaper.

When inquired by JVP Media Correspondent, Upul Ranjan, he said that Tilvin Silva had not made such a statement and that the article with the above headline was a fake post.

Therefore, it is confirmed that the article written with a statement made by Tilvin Silva about releasing Hizbollah is forged.

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