Was a mermaid washed ashore at the Negombo beach?


The poisonous gas released from the ship ‘X-press Pearl’ that caught fire in the area of the Colombo Port was polluted due to the contamination of the seawater, making it difficult for the sea creatures to breathe. Species such as “Mermaids” mentioned in the historical stories as a division of marine life have washed to the Negombo beach. The short video of this mermaid is shared on social media including YouTube and Facebook from a sensitive and sarcastic point of view.





Investigations into the above video revealed that it was aired on a YouTube channel and the video was shot in Sri Lanka to commemorate World Oceans Day/ International Oceans Day dated June 8, 2021, with the aim of promoting the value of the oceans to the public.

The full video published;

Accordingly, there is no truth to the news stating that a ‘mermaid’ reached the coast of Sri Lanka due to the burning of the X-press Pearl ship and the entire video was made for World Oceans Day and this video was edited into parts and shared in a misleading manner on social media.

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