Is it a video of an Arahant Thero is passing away?


    Excerpts from a series of Buddhist ceremonies by a group of Buddhist monks in Burma are shared on social media reading, “A rare video of an Arahant Thero passing away in Burma (Myanmar)”, including on YouTube and Facebook platfoms, since 15.05.2021.

    Fact-checking Process

    Investigation into the credibility of the video revealed that the videos were taken from a single video and that only the first part of the video is widely circulated on social media. The full video, which shows how the Thero rises at the end of a session of blessings and prayers, and this section of the video has been intentionally removed.

    The full video has been released to social media via the YouTube channel ‘DamsiluTV’ on 2021.05.17, stating that it is an offering of blessings to get rid of the plague. The video has been released to social media reading, ‘Watch the full video’.

    The Ven. Sudassi Thero, who appeared in a video titled, ‘The true story behind the video of how an Arahant Thero in Burma had passed away, on the YouTube channel ‘Damnada’ on 2021.05.16, also explains the truth of the video stating that it is misleading to interpret this as a ‘Passing Away’ (Pirinivan Paama).

    A group of Buddhist monks in Thailand have released the complete video in two parts on social media suggesting how a monk fallen ill is being treated and the first video shows that the it is not how an Arahat THeor passes away.

    The thero further stated that ‘Pirinivan Paama’ means ‘Assuming death’ and that the video is completely untrue as no monk who has passed away has ever been resurrected in the history of Buddhism.

    Accordingly, the video shared on social media under the title ‘How an Arahant Thero is passing away’ is a misleading video.

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