Fake news that a new Rs.10,000/= note has been introduced to Sri Lanka


An image of a Rs.10,000/= note which is said to have been issued by the Central Bank of China/ Sri Lanka on 01.01.2021, specifically for the year 2021 to be used in Sri Lanka is circulating on social media. The currency note has the Sri Lankan national flag as well as the Chinese national flag, with a traditional Chinese woman and an image of a dragon.

Investigations revealed that the Central Bank of Sri Lanka has not yet officially issued a Rs.10,000/= note in this format. The currency notes used in Sri Lanka mentioned on the Central Bank’s website are only up to Rs.5,000/=.

(Source – https://cutt.ly/hmQUZID)

A technical examination of the image also revealed that the images had been forged. A number of discrepancies were identified in the image and the characters used in the currency note.

The former Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake’s signature was found on this currency note and it is not possible for a former Finance Minister to place a signature on a newly introduced note.

Accordingly, it is confirmed that the Central Bank of Sri Lanka has not officially issued a Rs.10,000/= note for the year 2021.

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