Misleading news of an Oxygen shortage at the Kalubowila Base Hospital and the Colombo East Base Hospital


On April 27, 2021, the Aruna newspaper reported that there was a shortage of Oxygen at the Kalubowila Base Hospital and that the beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital were full of Corona patients and that 26 Covid-infected pregnant mothers were in the hospital.

A number of posts relating to this news are exchanged on social media as well- https://bit.ly/3dWmjDO

When inquired from the Director of the Kalubowila Hospital (Colombo South Base Hospital), Dr. Priyantha Karunaratne he said that the Mulleriyawa Hospital has 04 ICU beds and 04 DHU beds and that the supply of Oxygen is as usual. He further stated that as a reserve the government has ordered 04 Oxygen cylinders to the hospital and that at present there are only 16 pregnant mothers identified as Corona patients at the Mulleriyawa hospital.

Accordingly, the news reported by the Aruna newspaper on 27th April, 2021, stating that there is a shortage of Oxygen in the Kalubowila Base Hospital and the news items shared on social media reporting a shoratge of oxygen in the Mulleriyawa Hospital is confirmed as false.

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