A fake post in the guise of a publication by Lankadeepa


A post is shared on social media under the headline ‘Deiyo Sakki’, as an article published in the Lankadeepa newspaper titled, ‘The environmentalist’s wife leaves the husband after being told to remove body hair in the secret area’.

Investigations into the post revealed that no article had been published in the Lankadeepa newspaper’s ‘Deiyo Sakki’ feature under this headline.

Furthermore, investigations into the layout of the post and the ‘Deyo Sakki’ news feature published in the Lankadeepa newspaper revealed that it had been subtly forged in the same layout as the Lankadeepa newspaper. When comparing the normal page layout with its standard font characters and space allocation, it was revealed that the the fake post had some obscure differences. In addition, if a cartoon is included in an article published in the ‘Deyo Sakki’ feature of the Lankadeepa newspaper, the name of the cartoontist will also be mentioned in small font. But the cartoonist’s name is not mentioned in this cartoon which is circulating on social media.

Accordingly, it is confirmed that the news circulating on social media as a Lankadeepa news item is untrue.

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