Dr. Satyamoorthy provides an explanation for the news: “An Indian businessman infected in Jaffna”


lankacnews.com website published a news article titled “Corona hazard back in Jaffna”. Tracing the disease to an infected Indian businessman.
Dr. Sathiyamoorthy, the Director of the Teaching Hospital of Jaffna was contacted to confirm the authenticity of the information in the news, and he confirmed it to be true.

Moreover, a businessman from India who stayed in Jaffna was unable to return to India due to the corona situation. Later, 700 persons, including the businessman were sent back to India as per the government’s special arrangement.

Following coronavirus confirmation of his PCR examination in India, 21 people who were in direct contact with him have been isolated, and they have been tested for PCR.

Link to the news – https://bit.ly/2MLfK8P

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